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        • Introduction
        • Parameter
        • Tutorial
        • Manual

        BLT 6 Series

        BLT 6 Series smart cutters are especially developed for ultra-high power laser equipment (max of 40kw). Brand new beam path design and optimized optical lens bring you great performance with stable cutting, simple installation and setup, and double dust prevention. The Smart Piercing and Auto Recut features, meeting the highly demanding standard of air as well as N2 high-power cutting, considerably improve efficiency and yield.

        Stable and Efficient Cutting

        Auto Recut

        Real-time in-head sensor realizes stable cutting performance by detecting paths not cut through to give an automatic recut.

        Smart Piercing

        Real-time monitoring of piercing process make it possible to start cutting right after piercing. No more waiting, efficiency significantly improved.

        Slag-free Cutting

        Monitor the laser beam to timely turn it off to realize a slag-free cutting with no gap.

        Easy to Maintain

        Low Cost to Repair

        Ready-to-use optics drawer, lens changed in 5 mins.

        Protective screws keep cutting head from damage.

        No time wasting on Depot Repair.

        Smart and Safe Processing

        Spring Energized Seal Test

        Monitor the gas pressure of the first and second lower protective lens to give early warning.

        Protective Lens Monitor

        Upgraded algorithm integrated with sensor, effectively prevents protective lens from cracks caused by pollution.

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        BLT661 Product Manual
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        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/過程監控英文.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/過程監控英文.mp4

        Auto Recut

        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/智能穿孔英文.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/智能穿孔英文.mp4

        Smart Piercing

        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/智能收刀英文.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/智能收刀英文.mp4

        Slag-free Cutting

        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/共邊穿孔檢測英文.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/12/共邊穿孔檢測英文.mp4

        Co-edged Smart Piercing


        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/上保護鏡抽屜更換.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/上保護鏡抽屜更換.mp4

        Upper Protective Lens Changing

        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/64X-下保護鏡抽屜更換教程-中文.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/64X-下保護鏡抽屜更換教程-中文.mp4

        Lower Protective Lens Changing

        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/防撞螺絲更換.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/防撞螺絲更換.mp4

        Protective Screws Changing

        https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/QD連接器鎖緊.mp4 https://d.fscut.com/wordpress-fscut/2022/11/QD連接器鎖緊.mp4

        QD Connector Locking

        BLT 6 Series Smart Cutter Technical Parameters
        Cutter Model BLT642H BLT662H BLT682H BLT6102H
        Power Level ≤15kW ≤20kW ≤30kW ≤40kW
        Fiber Interface Q+、QD、QBH、ADD
        Focal Distance (mm) 200 200 200/300 300
        Size (mm) 428.3x181 498x181
        Weight(kg) 約9.5 約12.5
        Auto Focus Range(mm) ±50
        Laser Wavelength(nm) 1030-1090
        Max Gas Pressure(Bar) 25
        BLT 6 series Smart Cutter Feature
        Auto Recut Protective Screws Temperature Monitor Sensor Cavity Temperature Monitor Focusing Test
        Smart Piercing Focus Lens Monitor Nozzle Cooling Cavity Humidity Monitor Spring Energized Seal Test
        Co-edged Smart Piercing Protective Lens Monitor Water Cooling Sensor Cavity Gas Pressure Monitor Gas Pressure Monitor

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