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        CypNest Release | Multi-Language Version Goes Live


        CypNest multilingual version is released.

        10 new languages are added to CypNest, including Русский, ???, Português, Nederlands, ?e?tina, Espa?ol, 日本語, Italiano, Fran?ais, and Deutsch.

        We have solved some known errors, improved performance of existing features and developed some new features.

        Come and check what’s new!


        Fixed errors

        1. Control input error of Co-edged path MicroJoint
        2. Text identification error under certain situation
        3. MicroJoint abnormal when generate cutting path
        4. Fail to exit after dividing Un-nested parts in main interface


        New Features

        Features Package Goes Live

        To improve efficiency for specific sectors, additional features package is provided based on original version.


        Auto-sorting Renewed

        1. Recut added
        2. Sort check added
        3. Auto sort after nesting added


        Cutting Path Optimization Renewed

        1. Support after-nest cutting path optimization preview
        2. Support re-generating cutting path of selected nesting results?
        3. When under coil mode, support adding arc bridge scrap across nesting results


        Report Renewed

        1. Upgraded custom report model
        • Plate information aggregation added
        • Cutting gas, sheet number, sheet price, weight per sheet, remnant price, remnant weight, rough sheet area, machined sheet area, and average utilization added
        • Single part thumbnail added in part information aggregation
        • Support modifying main headline
        • Other optimization


        1. Upgraded custom report interactions
        2. Upgraded custom report quote logic
        • Support separated quotes for Defilm
        • Support quoting for expanding fixed width
        • Support quoting by area without internal holes
        • Support quoting by time
        • Support quoting by scrap
        • Support quoting by bend


        Drawing Techniques Renewed

        1. Support countersink layer identification and settings
        2. Support manually resetting chamfer
        3. Support leadline minimum tolerance effective for global setting


        Other Features Updated

        1. Support batch unfolding 3D model
        2. Support multi-place text adding
        3. NC exporting available to match flame plasma machine
        4. Upgraded display and interaction of part-detail list
        5. Support tutorial searching through embedded window
        6. Normalized user parameters setting
        7. Support custom position and length of inkjet printing
        8. Improved reading speed and fluency of complex file
        9. Improved efficiency of join segment


        About CypNest

        CypNest is a robust nesting solution offering a wide array of modular, customizable features. You can import parts from any CAD system, automatically sort them into tasks by material and machine, optimize material usage and machine motion, post programs to any cutting machine, and track results from start to finish.?

        All manufacturers are welcome to use their preferred setup, but CypNest offers a straightforward, efficient workflow that simplifies things for programmers and operators, while saving time and material. It integrates work orders and quotes from MES, offering a strong breadth and depth of functionality that ensures accurate part cutting, optimal material usage, and reduced cutting time.

        If you are new users of CypNest, we have some video tutorial and FAQs for you to facilitating your machining.

        If you are our old friends, you know we are always here to help you.?

        If you have not tried it before, click HERE, today is the day!

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