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        Friendess Unveils Dynamic New Logo and English Name Change to “BOCHU,”, Reflecting Vision and Growth


        Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
        September 28, 2023


        [Shanghai, China] – Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a leading automation company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new logo, design, and an exciting English name change to “BOCHU” (Chinese Pinyin of Friendess). This transformative rebranding initiative represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey, symbolizing its vision for the future and its commitment to innovation.


        Over the years, BOCHU has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as a key player in the laser industry. To better align with its evolving identity and capture the essence of the brand, the company made the strategic decision to adopt “BOCHU” as its English name, which mirrors the Chinese Pinyin of Friendess. The name “BOCHU” embodies the company’s progressive spirit, strength, and determination to exceed customer expectations.

        Accompanying the new name, BOCHU unveils a refreshed logo and design that reflects its forward-thinking approach and modernity. The new logo features a sleek, contemporary design with vibrant colors and clean lines, symbolizing the company’s dynamic nature and commitment to innovation. The incorporation of meaningful elements represents the core values and unique selling propositions of “BOCHU,” reinforcing its position as a trusted industry leader.

        “We are thrilled to introduce our new logo, design, and English name change to ‘BOCHU’ to the world,” said Tony ZHANG, Marketing Manger at BOCHU. “This rebranding initiative signifies our dedication to growth, evolution, and staying ahead of the curve. The name ‘BOCHU’ captures our vision and values, while the refreshed logo and design showcase our commitment to modernity and excellence. We believe this rebranding effort will resonate strongly with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.”

        The rebranding initiative extends beyond the logo and name change, encompassing a comprehensive redesign of BOCHU’s marketing collateral, website, packaging, and other touchpoints. The new design elements will provide a cohesive and engaging brand experience across all communication channels, ensuring a seamless transition for customers and stakeholders.

        In addition to the visual updates, “BOCHU” has also enhanced its brand messaging to align with the company’s evolving identity and customer-centric approach. The new brand voice emphasizes “BOCHU’s” commitment to delivering exceptional products/services and fostering meaningful relationships with its clients.

        To celebrate the launch of the new logo, design, and English name, “BOCHU” plans to host a series of exciting events, including a virtual unveiling ceremony and an interactive social media campaign. BOCHU invites customers, industry partners, and the general public to join in the excitement and share their thoughts and experiences using the hashtag #BOCHU.

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