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        Press Release | Strategic Cooperation with HGTech, Raycus and Shanghai Jiaotong University



        Shanghai – the “National Gear, Manufacturing First – Shanghai Jiaotong University-HGtech-Raycus-Friendess Joint Signing Ceremony” sponsored by Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held at Courtyard by Marriott Zizhu, Minhang District, Shanghai, on April 18, 2023.

        In the agreement signed by Friendess and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the goals and contents of the cooperation between the two parties are clarified. In the future, the two parties will base on the strategic planning of Friendess’ open innovation, use and give full play to the resource advantages of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and focus on the foundation of the high-end laser manufacturing field. Disciplinary research carried out in-depth cooperation.

        In the agreement signed by Friendess, HGtech and Raycus Laser, it is clearly stated that the three parties will carry out all-round and multi-dimensional in-depth cooperation, and establish a mutually beneficial and sustainable development strategic partnership in the field of industrial automation.

        China has entered the middle and late stage of industrialization, and the rapid development of China’s economy has reached its limit. China’s economic growth model driven by high investment is difficult to sustain. China’s economic development must shift from quantitative catching up to quality development, which means developing key core technologies and realizing self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology. , which plays a vital role in promoting an unimpeded economic cycle and building a new development pattern. As the source of the entire scientific system, basic research is the “master switch” of scientific and technological innovation. The technological gap between my country and many developed countries in high-end manufacturing can also find some answers from the lack and disconnection of basic theoretical research. It can be said that in In today’s international competition, technological innovation capability has become the core force and decisive factor in the competition of comprehensive national strength.

        Basic disciplines are the source of innovation, and are of decisive importance to the production, R&D and technology application of high-end laser manufacturing. Maintaining research investment in basic disciplines will help build the core competitiveness of enterprises in innovation and development. On the basis of the innovation and technology-driven business philosophy that Friendess has always adhered to, this conference has further combined the key roles of “industry, education, research and application” in domestic high-end laser manufacturing, effectively promoting the development of basic disciplines and core technologies of laser manufacturing. The research and development work provides an important guarantee for the high-quality development and commercial success of China’s high-end laser manufacturing industry.

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